How to Update your Trade Show Display
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Six Ways How to Refresh Your Display

If you own or are running a business, you may have joined a trade show or two. If you did, then it may be a good time to review your present trade show displays.

Do you think they convey the message you want to tell your customers and potential clients? Is the display give your business a good first impression of the offerings you have? If you think your display or graphics have seen better days, then it is also highly possible that show attendees will take note too.

Refreshing your display may be a good thing to do, especially if this can be a huge factor in converting potential clients and show attendees into actual customers.

 Here are six trade show display ideas that you might want to consider when you want to update or refresh the displays of your business. These tips might be useful for your business, especially when you are getting trade show exhibit updates or you intend to join the next round of trade shows.

Refresh Your Displays

First, businesses do not have to worry about updating their displays. Most displays nowadays can easily be updated or refreshed with new graphics.

Updating the graphics of your trade show display is easily one of the most visually compelling and quickest way to modify the look and feel of your message strategy during trade shows. Many businesses will modify or update their graphics from one show another show in order to maximize their strategy according to the show they are displayed or the audience they are hoping to focus on.

Refreshing the graphics is also a relatively budget-friendly way to make sure your business would have dramatic visual changes to the booth setup without you forced to modifying structural alterations or even mount new ones.

If the current display’s structure is sound, the better, because that means you can use the budget you have to have your displays updated using new and dazzling visuals that are aimed at getting your business noticed by the show attendees.  After all, your booth should be showcasing the best image of your company or business.

If your booth seems worn out and very outdated for the potential clients, your business might want to have some budget and invest in a display that is updated and uses new and bright graphics. In that way, you can leave show attendees and potential customers with a great impression.

A new backdrop or trade show display will not only give you a sharp and refreshing look, but also new designs and amazing constructions. Modern displays nowadays are light to carry, portable, and can be setup with ease. In today’s world, digital prints can be made on fabrics with high resolution, revolutionizing the possibilities of your displays.

The fabrics used in new displays are not only easy to carry; they can also be quickly replaced in case you have a new messaging strategy or you want to promote a new product or service.

A facelift of your display may be in order to get new attraction, incorporating new graphics or design elements.

The graphics for your refreshed look do have to be out of this world or outlandish. You can use very simple and clear graphics since they are often the most effective when it comes to creating memorable images for your product or service. Ornate and convoluted graphics can be appealing, but for some they may be distracting and less effective for your potential clients.

If it is possible, your business may want to use simple single images in your trade shows. Of course, you can use many images if you want to show a very complicated story. However, in most cases, a single simple image can help your business by driving the marketing strategy you want to tell your potential customers.

If you are looking for trade show graphics, you should not worry: there are many services online that can provide you with simple and reasonably-priced graphics that can help you.

When you start updating your graphics, you might want to use a simple and grabbing headline that can tell your business in the simplest, shortest, and clearest way possible. In that way, many people who go to the trade show and would initially dismiss your business, would probably go to your business because you grabbed them with your headline.

The shorter the deadline is the better, since it would make your text appear larger during trade shows, and hopefully increase traffic to your booth.

Consider Getting New Furniture

If you are still using plastic tables and chairs that are foldable, it is high time you discard them. It does not work anymore. If you are having meetings in your booth or hosting potential clients, it is recommended you add furniture in your space during trade shows.

Adding furniture can match the goals of your business, which is to get potential clients to join you in your operations. By having furniture in your booth, you also evoke balance, comfort, and trust, enticing show attendees your company will do everything for their satisfaction and hopefully will give your business some attention.

How About a Theater Viewing Space?

Large monitors on your booth’s back walls can also do wonders, and would certainly help your business stand out during trade shows.

Using large monitors with presentations and videos, you can immediately evoke the attention and admiration of show attendees. By using an innovative and compelling theater viewing space, you are basically telling potential clients you are all for business, and that you want to start helping them now.

Tap latest technologies

If you have additional budget for your business during trade shows, why not use some touch-screen interactive technology? You can help your booth visitors become involved with the business you have by using modern touch-screen technology with the help of vibrant LED screens. The technology can help you provide customized information, while at the same time, giving you much-sought customer date, helping you get more leads with this option.

Using interactive technology, trade shows can become a good opportunity to generate data about your customers and potential clients. Technology can help you gather more data about your potential clients, present customized information for them, among others.

By integrating new technologies, the booth in your trade show can be a good lead generating vehicle about your business, offering new insights about the needs and wants of your potential clients, and where your business might come in, in terms of products and services.

Reconfigure Your Booth

You can also reconfigure your booth by altering your display’s physical layout, the exhibit appearance as well as functionality without the need to start everything from scratch. Different trade shows have specific floor plans and layout that your business can use to your advantage to make sure your booth would match every event.

You can also consider changing the lights of your booth, as well as their color. Your business may want to use compelling product lighting as well as LED accents to make sure your exhibit would stand out without shelling out a lot of money.

Lighting technology nowadays is constantly evolving, prompting businesses to take advantage. Make sure your business is also attuned to the latest developments of lighting technology.

Even the flooring in your booth can be an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of your business. Carpet, tile, or wood can help tell your potential customers you are serious about the business you are offering, and why they should tap you in their business operations.

Thus, upgrading your flooring can be considered a top factor. Businesses can select from an array of flooring options, including carpet, raised wood flooring, or artificial turf, giving your booth a more solid as well as comfortable look and feel, evoking perception among show attendees the booth you have is essentially an extension of your company or operations.

If your business does not have a hanging sign in your booth, you may want to make the trade show display taller. Business exhibits that are taller tend to grab attention than other businesses, so therefore this should be a top consideration for businesses like you.

How about adding modular display sections? The business booth can have core display of your business as well as additional components that can provide more information about your services and history, effectively maximizing the booth space of your company.

Do Not Forget Your Online Presence

In these days of social media, it is almost unthinkable when a business forgets to promote its website and social media addresses. These days, a show attendee may not visit your booth or forgot to drop to include your business in their itinerary, but a website address or social media account advertised in a trade show can spell some solid conversions.

Your graphics may include the website address of your company, as well as the social media accounts. In that way, you can continue engaging potential customers online, and hopefully, turn them into actual customers even after the trade show is over.


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