ET.C named Top 5 at CES 2017
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5. A subtle, sophisticated color palette and restrained use of structure and graphics made this dramatically illuminated exhibit for Fasetto LLC a purple-hued white space on the trade show floor. Nothing in the booth shouted at visitors, the violet lights didn't pulse, and there were no flashy gimmicks, which is exactly what made this successfully simple booth sing. Designed and fabricated by Inc. and Southwest Displays and Events, a Core Visual Marketing company, the exhibit also featured a videowall embedded into a supersized replica of the Link, which is a product that allows users to store and easily share data. But the wow factor in this exhibit came from a novel 20-foot-tall string-art sculpture made using hand-painted cloth strapping ‐ referencing the product's ability to stream information to multiple devices simultaneously ‐ surrounded by six tablets that quietly beckoned to passersby. 

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