25 Ways to Cut Costs on your Trade Show Exhibit
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1. Buy Used

According to Ray Rogowicz, CEO and president of ExhibitTrader.com Inc., a preowned exhibit costs 50 to 75 percent less than a comparable new booth. Even with minor refurbishments and new graphics, you can incur a substantial savings. Such exhibits are available through firms such as Lucky Exhibits and ExhibitTrader.com, but also check eBay Inc. and Craigslist Inc., and network with suppliers and peers to find a used property.

2. Consider Renting
Given the recent advancements in rental exhibitry, most people can't tell a rental from a custom design. So run the numbers to determine if renting or buying is the more cost-effective option for your program. "With rental, there's no huge initial cash outlay," says Deanna Aamodt, manager of global event management services at Thomson Reuters Corp. "Plus, there are no repair or storage costs, and you can continuously update your look and play around with various configurations."

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