We Appreciate your Patience

As of January 27th, 2020:

Pre-Owned Ad Updates are currently Disabled

We are in the final stages of releasing our brand new website that is more user-friendly and easier to navigate.  Due to the amount of data being transferred we have had to temporarily disable sellers' ability to edit their ad(s) or create any new listings to ensure no data is missed in the transfer.

We expect this migration to be completed within 7 -10 business days at which time sellers will again be allowed to edit and maintain their ads through our new "Sellers Portal". 

The new Sellers Portal will provide users with a with a much improved,  on-demand dashboard that is available at your fingertips.  This will allow sellers to maintain all current listings, post new ads, mark exhibits as sold with buyer information options to select, and renew any expiring ads.

 We appreciate your patience during this final push to the new site and your new, improved Seller's Portal.   

If  you would like to send us your ad updates or edits,

e-mail us your AD # and your requested updates to sales@exhibittrader.com.

If you have further questions, please complete our form below.

 Thanks again for your patience!

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